11 Things to know About Insurance Coverage for Service Dogs

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For people with disabilities like blindness or PTSD, service dogs are life-changing - providing independence, mobility, stability, and comfort. But these highly trained animals come at a steep cost.

Steep Price Tag for Service Dogs

Service dogs perform trained tasks to help handlers manage disabilities, but cost $15K-$50K to obtain.

No Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance typically doesn't cover service dog expenses since they're classified as personal assistance.

Creative Fundraising Strategies

Handlers creatively fundraise through grants, nonprofits, and crowdfunding campaigns to afford service dogs.

Ongoing Care Costs Add Up

Annual care for a service dog runs $500-$5,000 for food, veterinary visits, training, pet insurance, and more.

Pet Insurance Provides Protection

Pet health insurance can provide financial protection by covering injuries, illnesses, and some preventative care.

Tax Deductions and Aid Available

Federal tax deductions, employer pet insurance benefits, and government aid may offset costs for some owners.

Life-Changing Independence

Service dogs vastly improve independence and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Extensive Training Required

Extensive training differentiates service dogs from emotional support animals.

ADA Access Protections

The ADA protects service dog and handler rights to access public places. No documentation required.

Long Waitlist Challenges

Long waitlists through nonprofits present challenges in obtaining service dogs.

Proper Care for Years of Service

Proper veterinary care and ongoing training helps service dogs work for years assisting owners.

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