Credit Score Is it Good or Bad ?


October 17, 2023

650 Credit score: Is it good or bad?

A 650 credit score sits right on the fence between a good and bad score. While not terrible, a 650 score lands squarely in the 'fair' credit range, meaning there's room for improvement.

FICO breaks down credit scores into the following ranges:

800 - 850


Very Good

740 - 799


670 - 739


580 - 669


300 - 579

The Pros and Cons of a 650 Credit Score

– May qualify for loans at average rate – Better than subprime credit score – Won't get best terms on financing

How a 650 Credit Score Impacts Loan Approval

With a 650 credit score, approval for a mortgage will be challenging and you'll likely need a higher down payment, auto loans are available but you may face higher APRs compared to those with better scores, and you can possibly qualify for personal loans but will see lower limits and higher interest rates.

5 Tips to Increase a 650 Credit Score

– Pay down balances to below 30% of limit – Dispute errors on credit report – Become an authorized user – Pay all bills on time – Limit new credit application


A 650 credit score is considered fair, with room for improvement - even a small score boost can unlock better loan rates, so with diligence over time, a 650 score can be increased to a good or even exceptional range.

Get to know if 650 Score is Good or Bad

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